About Us

After working in the industry of web development for many years we have faced one problem that did not leave us indifferent and became our challenge! This is the compatibility of web sites with the abundance of devices that now also have access to the Internet.

Do you think it is fair to create a website designed exclusively for the group of people using desktop computers? What about those users who for various reasons communicate with the World Wide Web through the mobile devices or the game consoles? Some people familiar with the current state of affairs may say: "Well, some sites have special versions for these devices". This is great! But for some sites does not mean for every site! One can not be sure that this specific version contains the same amount of information and provides the same features as the desktop version. Do mobile users deserve such injustice? Are mobile devices too limited to be competitive to personal computers and laptops? No way! Since the time when the first iPhone was launched into the market the situation has been changing continuesly and rapidly. Just wait a little and you will see — very soon mobile phones will obtain all the same features as laptops except one — the size of the screen.

MobilizeToday — is our challenge, our attempt to make the world of Internet accessible to all. We will be happy to help with adapting your site to the requirements of modern times, making it convenient and accessible for all categories and users.

Our philosophy

As you probably know, there are three main approaches in designing sites for mobile devices:

1) Do nothing, allow the browser of your mobile device to adapt your own site.
2) Make a separate version of the site for mobile devices.
3) Adapt the normal version of the site in such a way that it would be perfectly displayed both on desktop browsers and browsers for mobile phones.

Many of those who used to have iPhones or Android based phones may find the 1st approach quite acceptable. However not everybody would agree with this point of view. But users who really spend a lot of time online do not find these amenities sufficient for normal work with most sites, because they got really tired of the constant changing of scale as well as using horizontal scrolling.

The separate version of the site is good for the majority of the mobile devices and that's an advantage. However, the disadvantages include the need of synchronizing with the original site. Typically, such versions of sites are very limited, they are usually simplified, not so attractive and often contain fewer options and opportunities than the original site.

Choosing #3, which is also called 'responsive design', you do not have to create and maintain separate versions of your site. Everything you have at your desktop website will be available on mobile devices. Secondly, you will increase your site accessibility and usability saving your users from struggling to view and navigate your site. Well, you will show them that you care and your visitors will appreciate it.

Although we think that 3rd approach is the best, on practice we have lots of customers that don't have an ability to rebuild their existing desktop website. That's why we did your best to offer solution #2 that's acceptable for most website owners. And the great thing is we've found a way how to get rid of its disadvantages. Want to know how did we manage this? See our promo video.


We are not reinventing the wheel! Our success is based on using well proven methods and standards! We follow the strict web development trends and standards. But the most important — we have lots of years of experience in this field!

Make your site the most convenient and accessible today and get thousands of new visitors tomorrow along with MobilizeToday!