More Features in Builder

Submitted by MobilizeToday on 2012-06-25 06:34

We've added several features into mobile view Builder. Here they are:

Layouts and Widgets Control Panel

Layouts and widgets control panels have been joined and changed to be more clean and intuitive.

New layouts and widgets control panel

Now you may browse widgets of all existing layouts.

Do Copy of Widgets

The ability of copying widgets between different layouts or within the same layout is now available.

Copy widget

This can be easily done by drag'n'drop corresponding widget in the controls panel. If you want to copy widget to another layout you just need to drag this widget and hold 'Ctrl' button to make its copy. Otherwise it will be moved.

Extended Context Menu

Context menu for selected widgets and filters has been expanded to edit basic properties.

Extended context menu, multiple values

Now you may change widget or filter properties such as margins, boolean states or string values without accessing control panel.

Extended context menu, integer and string values

We hope these minor but important changes will help you making mobile websites easier. As usual feel free to give us your feedback on this and ask for new features you need.

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