Our Website Redesign

Submitted by MobilizeToday on 2012-05-29 07:12

What's new?

With the aim to achieve more accessibility and a more user-friendly environment, starting today, we’re rolling out a brand new version of MobilizeToday.com design that makes it easier than ever to enjoy mobile web development.

Another important note is about new pricing for website owners and resellers.

New Logo

new logo

We had our logo redesigned. The new logo is a mixed combination of illustration art and typography.

How it Works

On How it Works page you'll find three slides explaining in general how does our service work.

how it works

New Pricing

The new pricing is more clean and straightforward. Several pricing plans offer mobile web solution for all kinds of website owners and developers from low-budgeting single websites to self-hosted corporate websites.

features and pricing

More Benefits of Being Reseller

Our prices for resellers became even more affordable. For only $39 per year you may offer mobile websites to your customers with monthly traffic under 500Mb.

reseller pricing

Builder Options

You'll find some Builder options clicking 'More' button at top.

builder options

Tips and Tricks Articles

We understand there was a lack tutorials on using our online mobile web builder where everybody may create his own smartphone website. Filling in this gap, we've started a series of blog articles dedicated to helpful methods on using this tool. Soon we'll provide you with more textual and video materials that can be used as a tutorial. We believe that due to huge demand on making mobile websites and our flexibility as for using HTML5 & JavaScript frameworks, more resellers and website owners may benefit using our services. On the regular basis we're going to share our experience developing mobile websites. You may sign up to tips and tricks blog thread by RSS. Don't hesitate to give us your thoughts on what should be unveiled in detail in the further articles.

tips and tricks

Feedback to Us

All it leaves us to do now is to ask you for your feedback! So, what do you think of our new site?

Although we’ve done extensive testing on the current site’s design and functionality, if you find any bug, error, or problem related to the new design, help us fix it by reporting it to us. To report a bug, just post your comment here or use “Ask a Question” option above.

We have a ‘next steps’ to do list for our website so if there is anything that you think we need to do to improve our new website or things you love that you wouldn’t want us to change in the design then please, let us know in the comments below! Every opinion matters to us. We are open to all types of design-related suggestions, and we are ready to make those changes via your help. Feel free to send us your comments, suggestions, or criticisms.

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