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Sep 1

Updates to MobilizeToday

Submitted by MobilizeToday on 2011-09-01 05:17

In order to meet our clients needs we do our best to provide better services. Now we are glad to introduce you our new options on making mobile websites or landing pages. We did significant changes to our website and service itself. Among of them are the following:

Feb 9

Android 2.2 browser bug

Submitted by MobilizeToday on 2011-02-09 06:38

After the release of Android 2.2 we got lots of complaints from our customers stating their desktop websites don't switch to the mobile view on mobile devices including Motorola Droid and Nexus with the latest Android OS on board. During the testing of our latest products we faced with the same problem.

Jan 10

Mobile Optimization Service

Submitted by MobilizeToday on 2011-01-10 15:29

Today we introduce our cutting edge mobile optimization service. Before we unveil the details let us tell you that it's worthy for those who have a website and need it to be mobile optimized. Almost no limit on functionality nor technical skills required. We'll do this for you. 15 days risk free trial (no credit card required). Want to try it now?


May 27

Design to XHTML & CSS

Submitted by MobilizeToday on 2010-05-27 08:32

Design to XHTML & CSS conversion service is launched. Now you may order hand-made XHTML & CSS markup compatible with desktop and mobile browsers. There is an option to integrate your code into WordPress CMS. The full list of compatibility options that contains both desktop and mobile browsers and platforms follows: